Ukrainian Association of Ceramics

Ukrainian Association of Ceramics (UAC) – an international non-profit, contractual association of legal entities, both residents and non-residents of Ukraine founded on the 22nd of July in 1999 on the principles of self-administration, voluntary involvement and equal rights of its members.




    • consolidation and coordination of the activities of its members for the enterprises development;
    • provision of the favorable conditions for enterprises activities development;
    • protection of the Ukrainian manufacturers interests in the world market;
    • civilized market relations provision;
    • assistance in the partners search in Ukraine, as well as abroad in the sphere of economy, science and trade;
    • all kinds of trade and economic relations development in Ukraine, as well as abroad.


  • foreign trade support: exhibitions, fairs, commercial delegations, international advertising etc.;
  • information and communication: information control/distribution, mass media communication;
  • technical and industrial issues: power economy, ecology, quality, standards, certification etc.;
  • external and national trade: marketing, custom barriers, data bases, consultation etc.;




Sergii Voitenko

President of the Ukrainian Association of Ceramics
General Director of Agromat company
The Head of the Customs Committee of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine