AGROMAT unites specialists

AGROMAT unites specialists

On the eve of the Constructors’Day in the conference hall AGROMAT A, the final meeting of the All-Ukrainian Union of Building Materials Manufacturers and the Ukrainian Ceramics Association took place. These two respectable institutions are combined by the longtime professional, partnership and friendly relationships. They gathered together to discuss urgent issues, enjoy each other’s success, share their thoughts.

Sergiy Voitenko, the CEO of AGROMAT greeted the representatives of the construction industry. He told about the changes that take place in the company, the rebranding, the opening of new stores, tasks set before the recognized market leader. “Today, the important issue in the Agromat policy” Sergiy Voitenko said, “is the attention to the domestic producer. We are expanding the range of Ukrainian tiles and today you can see it in the new AGROMAT A hall.”

The president of the All-Ukrainian Union of Building Materials Manufacturers Ivan Salii presented the market analytics based on the results of the first half of 2018, noting with regret that the market is stagnating, and the state and local governments are more likely braking the industry than developing it. However, the Union of Manufacturers of building materials actively works, does not surrender, and is going to counteract unfavorable factors. The participants of the meeting listened to the bright and emotional Oksana Kabatsiy performance, the head of the AGROMAT sales department, dedicated to the peculiarities of selling ceramic tile and sanitary ware in present day conditions, about a new approach to retail design and retail marketing, the key areas of attention to the present customer. There was also lots of attention to the new technologies in energy efficient heating equipment data. Denis Segedin, commercial director of Agromat-Décor, shared the information about TM DEWEIT.

The representatives of the largest enterprises of the construction industry, among which there were the leaders of the “Kovalska” PJSC, “Slobozhanska Building Ceramics” PJSC, “Kharkiv Tile Factory” PJSC, “Kerameya” Ltd., “Royal House”LLC, and others also discussed the other urgent issues, in particular, the upcoming anniversary of the organization, which in October this year will celebrate 10 years since its inauguration.

After the official part there was a tour to the AGROMAT A showrooms and friendly communication of the specialists.