SOKA Ukraine is part of the French group SOKA, founded more than 60 years ago to operate a large kaolin deposit in the West of France.


The goal is to manufacture products for ceramic, chemical, as well as other industries using white fillers, for example, in the manufacture of plastics and rubber products, brick and cement, glass fiber manufacture. Enrichment technology meets the best world standards. Excellent technical support in the application of raw materials together with imported species can significantly increase the production capacity and profitability of any enterprise. The group provides regular supplies to the most famous companies producing ceramics in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.


SOKA Ukraine offers not only raw materials (kaolin and clay for ceramic manufacturers), but also full support for increased production capacity and improvement of technical results provided by professional engineers with rich experience in world-famous ceramic companies.

SOKA also has the ability to provide similar services by installing a new laboratory. The group offers to Ukrainian ceramic manufacturers a wide range of products: kaolin-raw, enriched kaolin and clay from deposits of Ukraine, as well as France, Germany, Spain.

The SOKA group, about 20 years ago, was one of the first among the kaolin companies in the world to receive certification under the ISO 9000 system. The company is constantly developing the optimal logistics solutions for each consumer, depending on its location.


SOKA Ukraine

Tel./fax:    +380 44 486 91 00

Tel.:    +380 44 231 34 64

Cell phone.     +380 50 331 34 64


Address: 22100 Vinnitsa region, Kozatin, street. Dovzhenko 22a

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November 21, 2019